Possessing a deep love of photography that was sparked by his dad at a very early age, I have spent countless hours in a dark room as a youngster, processing film and developing his craft long before the art of digital photography came into being.

He I use that skill to give back to my community. I am the founder and creator of Friends of AHS Track, an organization and Web site dedicated to High School athletics – I also have a special place in my heart for the Boy Scouts of America, an organization I became involved with in 1991 as a scout leader and have helped many young men on their trail to success.

I have produced TV shows highlighting the great work of the scouting program on doubleacs TV15, a local cable access TV station, where I also work from time to time as a director, producer and member of the sound and camera crew.

I am currently producing a new inspirational program called Go The Distance TV where I do my best to highlight ordinary people doing extra ordinary things.

Now I have a new web site landing page that you can use to navigate to all of my other web sites. Please visit brucekgarber.com.