Southern New England Media Makers

is a new organization inspired by Boston Media Makers and Steve Garfield who started this concept in January of 2004. Steve’s intent, as it is ours to gather once a month where “Meeting Interesting People” who are working with media can get together and talk about what’s new in the industry and how they’re using it.

It is not a place for sales pitches but is a great way to get connected or stay connected with people having simular interests including but not limited to audio and video on the web, podcasters, videobloggers, filmmakers, artists, writers, PR and social media people.
We will gather around the table and answer the question, “What are you doing?”

Everyone is welcome.

Bruce is collaborating with his friend Jim Jones is this effort however the meeting focuses on what you are doing. How you may hold the key to an question that could change some one else s life or at least answer their question, or help them zoom in on a path of developing the correct answer they need to enhance their on line presence.

We hope to see you at a meeting soon.

To learn more about Southern New England Media Makers click this link.